how it all began…

our story (KEA + Rudy)


The adventure began on our 5,400 mile epic road trip to elope to the California coast. we were married on a cliff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. IT WAS THE CENTENNIAL YEAR OF THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE & WE EXPLORED SEVERAL PARKS ALONG THE WAY TO AND FROM San Francisco. WE MADE STOPS AT THE GRAND Tetons, THE BADLANDS, Yellowstone, AND ARCHES NATIONAL parks.


Along the way, we recorded bits and pieces of our memories on our iPhones, a GoPro, and a drone. When we got home, we created a film that would let us relive that incredible adventure. That film has become one of our most valuable possessions. After watching it a few (read: 1 million) times, we knew we wanted to give that gift to others!


Our vision for our films is to capture your love story and personality with authenticity and a true connection. We want you to be able to relive your wedding day in the same way we get to relive ours. It’s the best thing ever! It's really important to us to get to know you before your wedding so we can create a film that is unique, personal, and reflective of who you are.


This is it! You are embarking on life's greatest adventure! We would love to help you remember your wedding day in all its fullness; with its unique joys, quirks, perfect imperfections, and emotion. You’ve heard our story, so now we want to hear yours! Give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email.. and let’s grab coffee or a drink some time!


Kealani Burgos

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